List of works


  • Apoplexie - soundtrack for a radio play - ca. 25'

Co-produced by the Escher Theater (Luxembourg) and Openscreen ASBL (Luxembourg): 

Written for Accordion, Drums, Synthesizer, Piano, Clarinet and Voice
Reindeer - Keys, Accordion, Drums
Reise - Keys, Accordion, Drums
Cat Food Ballad (Schlager style) - Voice, Keys, Accordion, Drums
Cat Food Ballad (Punk style) - Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Blomberg Drive - Guitar, Bass, Clarinet, Drums
New World - Piano
Krach - Clarinet, Accordion, Drums
Hirschpfiff - Clarinet, Accordion
Sunshine Breeze - Keys, Accordion, Drums
Kribbeln - Accordion

The production has been cancelled due to Covid-19. However, the music and some surprises from the piece have been saved and recorded. Will be released on vinyl and online soon!


  •  Queen Canute (The Seagull Piece) - for clarinet and seagulls - 10'

Commissioned for the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2018

Queen Canute is a 3-movement piece which explores the sound of seagulls and the musicality that can be extracted from it. Traditionally, instrumental duets with birds have concentrated on the use of songbirds, whose vocalisations are more obviously musical to our ears.
The first movement introduces a variety of sounds made by seagulls and the clarinet responds to them. The second movement explores the details of one call by sampling fragments of the call. The clarinet seeks to imitate it and blend in, it is not always clear which is which! The third movement explores the quieter seagull sounds which the clarinet imitates and renders musical. Called Lament, this movement is also a commentary on the misunderstandings around seagulls and thheir negative perception in society.

Queen Canute has been featured on i news and endorsed by the RSPB.


  • Nasal Satan Pie - percussion and loop station - 4'

Commissioned by Psappha 

  • Tuna Fishing - string orchestra and piano - 8'

Premiered by Ten Tors Orchestra on 8 April 2017 at Plymouth University.


  • Waaschgiischwashäsch - chamber ensemble - 9'

Premiered by Ten Tors Orchestra on 27 February 2017 at the Peninsula Contemporary Music Festival at Plymouth University.

Included in my PhD portfolio.

  • The Voice of the Sea - live electronics using live buoy data - ca 10'

Premiered on 28 February 2018 at the Peninsula Contemporary Music Festival at Plymouth University.

Included in my PhD portfolio.

  • Songs for Lee: Le Dormeur du Val, Les Tenebres, La vie c'est comme une dent - tenor, piano and clarinet - 10'


  • Sonification of Dark Matter - audio-visual sonification - 18' (Extract)

Premiered on 26 February 2016 at the Peninsula Contemporary Music Festival at Plymouth University.

Included in my PhD portfolio.


  • Ensaimada - chamber ensemble - 6'

Commissioned by Edinburgh University Composers' Orchestra.

  • Cigarettes and Social Order for flute, clarinet and percussion

Commissioned by Lucilin Ensemble.

  • Blyth-Eastbourne-Wembury - electroacoustic sonification - 8'

Commissioned by the National Union of Students. Premiered on 9 October 2015 at the Eden Project in Bodelva.

Included in my PhD portfolio.


  • Le Dormeur du Val - tenor, clarinet and piano - 4' 


  • Pota - cembalom and electronics - 4'

Commissioned by Psappha.

  • Free the Deepdale Duck - fixed media - 9'35"
  • Diabolicus - fixed media - 5'09"


  • Fort Greene - 2 toy pianos - 4'

Premiered by Vaganza in November 2013. Published in Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture, Vol. 21 (2017).

  • Gongbang - gong and electronics - 8'

  • Spleen - fixed media - 4'
  • Martin - fixed media - 4'


  • Sirinus - fixed media - 4' 
  • Gromper - fixed media - 4'

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